Nov. 16, 2021

Quick Climate Links: 'Death sentence for the poorest people on the planet'; brain exploding; phase down coal, ramp up climate action

Quick Climate Links: 'Death sentence for the poorest people on the planet'; brain exploding; phase down coal, ramp up climate action

Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson Young (pictured) was at COP26 in Glasgow and talks about that here.

Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, and Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister, Angus Taylor, feature in a couple of Radio National interviews - "Barnaby Joyce accuses UK of trying to devastate the Australian economy through climate targets"; "

Morrison Government rejects key COP26 objectives hours after agreeing to them in Glasgow".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Economic modelling asserts advantage of complete net zero in regional Victoria";

"The UN’s climate summit in Glasgow has come to a close";

"ABC host's chaotic interview with Barnaby Joyce: 'Brain exploding'";

"Election battleground: Morrison government insists 2030 target is ‘fixed’ despite Glasgow";

"‘Our land is fast disappearing’: High hopes replaced by despair at climate summit";

"Glasgow ends in compromise, disappointment and a little hope";

"Australia calls for foreign investment to fund its clean energy target";

"Australia urged to ramp up climate action as COP26 ends with deal to 'phase down' coal";

"Boris Johnson says COP26 deal 'tinged with disappointment'";

"After the failure of Cop26, there’s only one last hope for our survival";

"A broken dream: outer Melbourne has affordable houses but no train or school";

"New Glasgow Climate Pact offers some 'breakthroughs' but also 'deep disappointment'";

"Global Climate and Health Alliance: COP26 Outcomes Not Nearly Enough to Protect Health";

"Cop26 will make life harder for Australian fossil fuel industry, NSW treasurer predicts";

"‘I’m the underdog’: Morrison steps up campaign, fights calls on climate";

"Energy Smart Farming";

"Cop26: Pacific delegates condemn ‘monumental failure’ that leaves islands in peril";

"Climate Action Tracker";

"Together, we can";

"COP26 climate deal calls for historic shift from fossil fuels";

"‘Watered-down hope’: Experts wanted more from climate pact";

"Empty words, no action: Cop26 has failed First Nations people";

"Coal stocks lose ground after COP26 deal";

"Regional councils say 'it's about leadership' in leaping ahead to net zero emissions";

"Treasury under Labor to model climate change impact on economy and budget";

"First Nations people want clean energy say";

"The planet is on the clock and Australia has an inexplicable position on climate – it really isn’t funny";

"Barnaby Joyce says Nationals did not sign Cop26 pact and Australia is ‘happy with targets’";

"Last month was the warmest October in the northern hemisphere since records began";

"War on Want will continue fighting inequality, climate injustice and human rights violations";

"Australia hails COP26 “green light for more coal,” won’t budge on 2030 target";

"Australian deputy PM mocks Alok Sharma’s emotional reaction at Cop26";

"Op-Ed: Glasgow’s hope at a critical moment in the climate battle";

"Senators push for more oversight after warning solar industry 'exposed' to China's Xinjiang human rights violations";

"Clean technology researcher named NSW Australian of the Year";

"A New Source of Fuel in an Aging Japan: Adult Incontinence";

"‘Ultimately uninhabitable’: western Sydney’s legacy of planning failure";

"Edinburgh Castle set for solar panels as pollution impact revealed";

"I chose the electricity retailer offering the best deal for my home. That’s not what I got";

"Deforestation can raise local temperatures by up to 4.5℃ – and heat untouched areas 6km away";

"COP26: the Glasgow climate summit demonstrates an appetite for change Australia simply can’t ignore";

"Paul Bongiorno: Who’s running scared? Surely not Anthony Albanese";

"Why the Government needs you to protest for the climate";

"Action the best antidote for climate despair";

"Cop26 took us one step closer to combating the climate crisis";

"Indigenous peoples had a clear vision for Cop26, but it has not been delivered";

"After the failure of Cop26, there’s only one last hope for our survival";

"Analysis: COP26 message to business - clean up to cash in";

"Biden to Bar New Drilling Around a Major Native American Cultural Site";

"Why protecting the Okefenokee Swamp matters for the climate";

"Glasgow coal deal a ‘clear sign’ of global energy shift: AGL";

"Why KeepCup’s CEO wants to charge you more for your coffee".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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