May 2, 2022

Quick Climate Links: David Karoly on the CSIRO; Juice Media on the LNP Government; Environmental offset bulldozed

Quick Climate Links: David Karoly on the CSIRO; Juice Media on the LNP Government; Environmental offset bulldozed

Professor David Karoly (pictured) is retired and no longer working with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and having shed those shackles he can now present publicly with the honesty and frankness for which he had become known.

A story from The Guardian has quoted him:  - "CSIRO has become ‘extravagant consulting company’, one of its former top climate scientists says".

Meanwhile, holding its form, Juice Media has not held back in its latest YouTube clip - "Honest Government Ad | 2022 Election (Season 2 Finale)".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Bushland marked as environmental offset for new Sydney airport bulldozed for car park";

"On track to100% clean energy" - Environment Victoria.

"Envision Energy wins 2000MW India wind turbine order";

"Making the talent transition from oil and gas to renewables";

"What Macron’s reelection means for climate action in France";

"‘The smell is terrible’: toxic foam clouds float through streets of Bogotá suburb";

"This is not an 'Emergency'... It's Much More Serious Than That";

"In a World on Fire, Stop Burning Things";

"6 Months on from COP26 Psycho-Social Reflections: What have we learnt?";

"Financing Putin’s war on Europe: Fossil fuel imports from Russia in the first two months of the invasion";

"Amid Hardening Western Resolve, Signs of Russia’s Stalling in Eastern Ukraine";

"Droughts to increase human migration at least 200%";

"‘Existential Threat’: Indigenous Leaders Urge Citigroup to Stop Backing Amazon Oil";

"House Dems Call On Top U.S. Insurers to End Backing of Fossil Fuel Projects";

"7 TV meteorologists discuss their coverage of climate change and weather";

"The Limits to Growth at 50: From Scenarios to Unfolding Reality";

"Review of Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet";

"World population projected to reach 9.8 billion in 2050, and 11.2 billion in 2100";

"A Hotter Future Is Certain, Climate Panel Warns. But How Hot Is Up to Us";

"The Earth is getting hotter due to human activities that release heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere";

"The Extreme Heat Pummeling India and Pakistan Is About to Get Worse";

"‘We cannot afford greenwashing’ UN Secretary-General warns at Net-Zero Expert Group meeting";

"Citizen scientists uncover hidden koala population at Heathcote National Park near Sydney";

"Greenwashing accusations as Pepsi goes recycled";

"Why some beaches, including in Queensland, are getting bigger despite rising sea levels";

"No, Mr Morrison – the safeguard mechanism is not a ‘sneaky carbon tax’";

"NZ sea level rising twice as fast";

"Greens vow cannabis reform if successful";

"World’s highest hybrid timber skyscraper";

"Morrison inaction, Ukraine conflict weigh on clean energy investment";

"How wildfires increase sensitivity of Amazon forests to droughts";

"Islands on the climate front line";

"Morrison Government’s climate record deemed ‘a catastrophic failure’: one in four Australians give zero rating";

"Almost the same amount of rain in three days than entire year in London: New Climate Council Report Shows Disaster Off The Charts";

"A Supercharged Climate: Rain Bombs, Flash Flooding and Destruction":

"Steamy and stormy: climate change and summer 2021-22";

"New AEMO report: More renewables and storage needed to replace fossil fuels";

"Report: energy guzzling Aussie homes costing homeowners hundreds of dollars a year";

"Victorian food-bowl seat up for grabs in three-way fight over water and jobs";

"Powerlines and potatoes: the renewable energy transmission project causing angst in central Victoria".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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