March 4, 2022

Quick Climate Links: Creating our way to peace, a climate change free peace

Quick Climate Links: Creating our way to peace, a climate change free peace

Marta Gomez (pictured) uses the creativity of song to help us better understand peace, one of the essential ingredients needed to enable the world to avoid the worst of climate change.

The World Citizen Artists sees the solution to many of the world's dilemmas in creativity and here presents Marta Gomez singing the "Anti-war song".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Can we save coral reefs? | Problem Solved";

"‘All life on Earth is vulnerable to a changing climate’";

"Anne Salmond: IPCC report condemns forestry use planned by NZ";

"IPCC Report Calls Out ‘Vested Interests’ Delaying Climate Action";

"Energy Transfer Continued Work After Telling Investors Mariner East Pipeline Was Completed";

"Republicans at CPAC Say ‘Drill Dummy Drill’ in Response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine";

"U.S. liquefied natural gas export capacity will be world’s largest by end of 2022";

"U.S. Oil Industry Uses Ukraine Invasion to Push for More Drilling at Home";

"End global fossil fuel addiction that feeds Putin’s war machine";

"Before Invasion, Ukraine’s Lithium Wealth Was Drawing Global Attention";

"Private Report Shows How Amazon Drastically Undercounts Its Carbon Footprint";

"Only 6% of G20 pandemic recovery spending ‘green’, analysis finds";

"A Philadelphia couple wrote a children’s book to help parents have ‘The Climate Talk’";

"How to address the looming crisis of climate anxiety";

"Climate change and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: A nexus?";

"Six behavior changes that can heal people and the planet";

"Designing and Delivering an Equitable Net Zero Future in the U.S.: Climate-Smart Infrastructure Investment Implementation";

"UN climate report urges world to adapt now, or suffer later";

"IPCC report spotlights mental health impacts of climate change";

"Scientists warn seawalls can make rising waters worse in the long run";

"Five takeaways from the UN’s 2022 climate impacts report";

"Revealed: How rich and at-risk nations fought over science of climate impacts";

"We must disrupt Davos culture to end decades of failure on climate";

"High-risk geoengineering technologies won’t reverse climate breakdown";

"Ukrainian official calls for Russian fossil fuel boycott at UN Environment Assembly";

"Defending girls’ rights at the intersection of the climate crisis and Covid-19";

"How African youth are helping to define climate adaptation";

"Ford announces new plans to strengthen operation and scale EVs";

"This company wants you to feed insects to your dog";

"IPCC report: Seven key findings for Asia, from sea level rise to glacial flooding";

"Climate crisis poses global risk to biodiversity causing mass mortality events and threatening food shortages, IPCC report warns";

"Cities facing flooding and ‘unbearable’ heat but key to tackling climate crisis, UN report says";

"Floods and livestock losses leave NSW and Queensland farmers reeling from third disaster in three years";

"How Clever Marketing Sold the World The Myth of the Carbon Footprint";

"‘Unscientific’: Morrison government wanted IPCC to say Great Barrier Reef ‘not yet in crisis’";

"UN, Cairo Discuss Preparations for COP27 Climate Conference";

"Analysis-Big Oil's plastic boom threatens U.N.'s 'historic' pollution pact".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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