Nov. 17, 2021

Quick Climate Links: COP26 is over but the conversation continues

Quick Climate Links: COP26 is over but the conversation continues

Leigh Ewbank (pictured) from Friends of the Earth in Melbourne was among the speakers at last night's (November 16) webinar staged by the Workers for Climate Action.

The podcast "Saltgrass" also featured a Friends of the Earth campaigner, Cam Walker.

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Jeff Bezos says he spends more on climate than space travel and recounts the time he played an alien";

"Jeff Bezos on critics of billionaires going to space: ‘They’re mostly right’";

"Australia's 2030 climate targets for COP26"

"Deconstructing Australia's National statement on climate action at COP26 delivered by Scott Morrison";

"‘A real Hail Mary’: Experts say net-zero 2050 plan fails to account for billions in climate costs";

"Electric cars alone won’t save the planet. We’ll need to design cities so people can walk and cycle safely";

"We need to design housing for Indigenous communities that can withstand the impacts of climate change";

"I’m an expert in what makes good policy, and the Morrison government’s net-zero plan fails on 6 crucial counts";

"The embarrassingly easy, tax-free way for Australia to cut the cost of electric cars";

"Morrison and Barnaby are making false claims about petrol prices";

"Michael Pascoe: Useful idiots – the accessories to Morrison’s big climate lie";

"Richard Denniss: The massive contradiction in the Morrison government’s net-zero plan";

"STATEMENT: Bright Spots at COP26 Need to Turn into Action and Even More Ambition in 2022";

"US Infrastructure Bill Makes Headway on Climate, But More is Needed";

"More Equal Cities Can Help Bring Global Climate Goals Within Reach";

"What COP26 Means for Forests and the Climate";

"Grappling with dread on the frontlines of the climate fight":

"Fog of emissions, ‘greenwashing’ choking India’s most vulnerable";

"COP26 Was a Firm Step Forward, AND We Actually Need a Sprint";

"COP 26: Glasgow Pact and Ready to go Further";

"Live from COP26! Energy for People and Planet";

"We Need To Talk About China and Climate With Peggy Liu + Kevin Rudd";

"The Cop26 message? We are trusting big business, not states, to fix the climate crisis";

"Scotland to enforce ban on single-use plastic items from June 2022";

"COP26: Fiji’s PM says net-zero race should enhance citizen’s lives and fuel prosperity";

"Translating COP26 into Business | Interview with Kristina Rogers";

"Highlights from the Hydrogen Transition Summit at COP26";

"Sustainable and affordable urban block coming to Amsterdam";

"Governments risk 'trillions' in fossil fuel climate litigation";

"‘A death sentence’: Indigenous climate activists denounce Cop26 deal";

"Embracing Climate Grief: A Step Towards Positive Action";

"On grief and climate change";

"Carol Ride: psychologist, activist, believer in change";

"Dumbo Feather Climate Challenge";

"Staying with the trouble";

"Al Gore ‘disappointed’ Scott Morrison didn’t cut Australia’s 2030 emissions target";

"Scott Morrison’s credibility under attack after ‘walking away’ from Glasgow climate pact less than 24 hours later";

"Global heating is destroying rock art tens of thousands of years old, experts warn";

"A sweet future: Welcome to the city powered by sugar in the heart of coal country".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".



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