April 21, 2022

Quick Climate Links: Climate creeping into political contest; Crazy Town tells us about the changes we've endured; ; The WRI looks at latest IPCC reports

Quick Climate Links: Climate creeping into political contest; Crazy Town  tells us about the changes we've endured; ; The WRI looks  at latest IPCC reports

'Big Ideas Into Action' from the World Resources institute considers the latest IPCC reports - "The IPCC Reports on Climate Change".

We go to "Crazy Town" for a serious main course with a side of frivolity.

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Two of Victoria’s biggest coal-fired power stations hit with faults";

"Climate action: Victoria's emissions reduction target for 2035";

"Enough About Climate Change. Air Pollution Is Killing Us Now.";

"Minnesota woman sees renewable energy projects as progress for rural communities";

"12 books for another Earth Day in the warming climate";

"Climate action, as patriotism";

"Scott Morrison, Angus Taylor stack clean energy agencies with fossil fuel mates";

"Scott Morrison lets rip on native forests in strange oblation to Tasmania’s logging companies";

"What Is "Loss and Damage" from Climate Change? 6 Key Questions, Answered";

"Addressing Climate Damages: A Call to Action from the IPCC Report";

"The US has more clean energy projects planned than the grid can handle";

"Amplifying the voices of artists who inspire action for climate and conservation.";

"Should we feel joy or despair that we’re on track to keep global heating to 2C?";

"We are scientists, calling for a climate revolution";

"War on Climate Change"

"Marine Le Pen’s Climate Policy Has a Whiff of Ecofascism";

"Australia’s coal export boom forecast to end abruptly amid big drop in demand from China";

"Doughnut Economics - Global Action Lab Update";

"Catastrophic flooding in South Africa kills nearly 450";

"In South Asia, Vehicle Exhaust, Agricultural Burning and In-Home Cooking Produce Some of the Most Toxic Air in the World";

"EVs require mined minerals. What if Indigenous people say no to more mining?";

"How a wonky metric became the proxy war on climate change";

"Earth 365: Is climate change causing more severe weather in Pittsburgh?";

"South Africa's floods a 'teachable moment' for climate adaptation";

"As Kenyans farm in forests, incomes rise and deforestation falls";

"Global Effects of Mount Pinatubo";

"Solar geoengineering could redistribute malaria risk in developing countries";

"Actionable research on climate change risks";

"Compound climate risks in the COVID-19 pandemic";

"Tasmania's Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station program keeping track of the global atmosphere";

"China to use more of its own coal, cutting Australian imports: analysis";

"China’s demand for seaborne coal is set to drop fast and far. Australia should take note.";

"Australia must speed up EV uptake to minimise reliance on foreign oil: Report";

"China's demand for Australian coal will decline rapidly over the next few years";

"How to build an Earthship";

"Congo nun overcomes blackouts with homemade hydroelectric plant";

"Dimming the Sun Could Be Climate Science’s Trolley Problem";

"Why are Tropical Forests Being Lost, and How to Protect Them";

"5 Ways US States Can Get More Electric School Buses on the Road";

"3 Essentials to Make Climate Action Stick";

"Rightwing media no longer wield power as they once did. So why is Labor letting them set the election agenda?";

"Wentworth climate showdown: is Allegra Spender the ‘new blood’ voters are looking for?":

"Congruent evolutionary responses of European steppe biota to late Quaternary climate change";

"How We Can Get Clean Energy—Fuel and Human Progress";

"Which parties pass the health check?";

"Morrison government’s $7.4bn in dam commitments could be ‘biggest pork barrel in history’";

"In Australia’s election campaign the silence on climate is deafening";

"Climate crisis could lead to rise of smaller bees, study finds";

"MPs to get scientific briefing on climate after activist’s hunger strike".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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