Nov. 24, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Climate Code Red: Climate Rescue Project; La Niña declared

Quick Climate Links: Climate Code Red: Climate Rescue Project; La Niña declared

Quick Climate Links was meant to be a thing of the past by now as the plan was to keep it alive during COP26 in Glasgow, but stories about the climate continue to populate the media, in all its forms, and so it seems appropriate to keep it alive for the moment.

Setting up an interview with one of the co-authors of Climate Code Red, Philip Sutton, and discuss his new project, "Climate Rescue", was an interesting moment as it almost became "the interview" and those few seconds are included in this episode.

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Glencore launches public attack on Indigenous pair opposing NSW mining project";

"La Nina 2021 weather event declared for Australia’s summer";

"B.C. floods: The province had been warned natural disasters would hit more often, and it was not prepared";

"Wet, windy and dangerous – La Nina settles in for Australian summer";

"Funding boost to power offshore wind farms in Victoria";

"Rick Steiner: Nembe oil spill needs immediate govt, industry response";

"BOM declares La Niña as eastern Australia prepares for another sodden end to the week";

"More will die on Mount Augustus if trails not closed in hot months, police officer tells climbing deaths inquest";

"Free E-Bikes for Everyone!";

"Artificial island on Georgia coast to provide nesting habitat for shorebirds";

"For Thanksgiving, some uplifting climate news";

"Woodside's Scarborough decision sparks Perth protest as CEO Meg O'Neill defends project";

"Marinus Link project likened to Snowy 2.0 in damning new report warning of 'dead-weight loss'";

"La Niña established in the tropical Pacific";

"La Nina declared";

"Flooding hits north-east NSW as three days of storms lash eastern Australia";

"Australia ‘primed for flooding’: back-to-back La Niñas points to summer of wet weather perils";

"Truffle-eating marsupial on ‘brink of extinction’";

"Coal plants are closing faster than expected. Governments can keep the exit orderly";

"New Zealand’s climate change regulation is messy and complex – here’s how to improve it";

"Trudeau government’s Speech from the Throne contains warning that ‘Earth is in danger";

"How National Net-Zero Targets Stack Up After the COP26 Climate Summit";

"4 Ways to Design Safe Streets for Cyclists";

"Going Electric: How Ride-hailing Drivers Can Help Cities Speed Up EV Use";

"Cop26 kept the world’s 1.5C limit in reach – now we will steer it over the line";

"More Equal Cities Can Help Bring Global Climate Goals Within Reach";

"What We Can Learn About Climate Action from British Cities";

"‘Adapt or die’ says Environment Agency in urgent report";

"ASOS and Centre for Sustainable Fashion launch circular design guidebook";

"What we know about climate change and inflation";

"Want to fight for climate action but feel daunted or powerless? Try this";

"As climate worsens, environmentalists also grapple with the mental toll of activism";

"The Resilient Activist";

"BOM declares La Nina event as east coast braces for rains, floods and cyclones";

"Cooking with gas: Woodside’s $16b Scarborough affair splits sentiment";

"Woodside takes on a lot of risk as it bets big on its only option";

"Climate Emergency Fund".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".


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