March 10, 2022

Quick Climate Links: Chris Barrie doubts PM's climate claims; Your chance to hear Victoria's Environment Minister talk about offshore wind farms

Quick Climate Links: Chris Barrie doubts PM's climate claims; Your chance to hear Victoria's Environment Minister talk about offshore wind farms

Retired Admiral Chris Barrie (pictured) questions PM's climate claims during RN Breakfast interview with Patricia Karvelas - "Australia unprepared for climate threats to national security".

Act quickly and you'll get to hear Victoria's Climate and Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio, talk about plans to develop the State's offshore wind farms, courtesy of Melbourne's Friend of the Earth.

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Angry locals prepare to confront PM in Lismore";

"Just 0.1% of idling drivers fined in central London, data reveals";

"Severn estuary tidal energy plan back on agenda amid Ukraine crisis";

"Angus Taylor attacks Beetaloo Basin activists and says Australia right to expand fossil fuels";

"When it comes to climate-induced disasters the Coalition wants to save for a rainy day – but it’s already pouring";

"A flood of climate action";

"Home insurance premiums tipped to jump more than 10% after floods";

"History repeating: Morrison too slow on a natural disaster";

"‘I do apologise’: PM Morrison promises more flood support to victims";

"Forward to the past: NSW to stop carbon ratings for major projects, coal mines: What’s the scam?";

"Why the listless reaction from governments, the hush on climate change?";

"Nigeria demands synergy between stakeholders, donors in addressing climate challenges";

"In a disaster zone on the frontline of the climate crisis, the PM resorts to self-serving pontification";

"Bendigo Sustainability Festival 2022";

"Monica Morgan: reflecting on 50 years of activism";

"Radical Plan to Make Earth's Deepest Hole Could Unleash Limitless Energy";

"First come floods, then domestic violence. We need to prepare for the next inevitable crisis";

"Crowdfunding disaster relief offers hope in desperate times. But who gets left behind?";

"Weather forecasts won’t save us – we must pre-empt monster floods years before they hit";

"Higher petrol prices hurt, but cutting the fuel excise would harm long-term energy security";

"Floods left thousands without power. Microgrids could help communities weather the next disaster";

"One in 1,000 years? Old flood probabilities no longer hold water";

"Alan Kohler: The optimists have failed us. Pessimists, please report for duty";

"Scott Morrison’s stage-managed flood tour revives memories of bushfire embarrassment";

"Climate ‘on steroids’ drives extreme flooding in Qld, NSW: Report";

"Anthony Albanese: It’s time to seize a once-in-a-generation opportunity";

"Thousands protest against Brazil’s ‘death combo’ of anti-environment bills";

"Addressing Climate Damages: A Call to Action from the IPCC Report";

"The Most Detailed Map of Cancer-Causing Industrial Air Pollution in the U.S.";

"Women’s History Month - Meet Today’s Innovative Leaders";

"We are all Daughters for Earth";

"Insurance fine print may mean thousands of flood victims are unable to claim, report says";

"NSW, Queensland floods on track to be among country's worst-ever natural disasters, Climate Council says";

"Climate 'on steroids' drives extreme flood";

"On Top of Everything Else, Nuclear War Would Be a Climate Problem";

"Shaw’s mixed messages on 1.5C goal';

"The giant puddle that could power NZ";

"Don’t hold your breath for the Govt’s response on emissions targets";

"Is the Amazon rainforest on the verge of collapse?";

"Polluting SUVs will be on roads for the next two decades – what should we do with them?";

"Tyre Extinguishers: activists are deflating SUV tyres in the latest pop-up climate movement";

"Insulate Britain: blocking roads will alienate some people – but it’s still likely to be effective";

"How Extinction Rebellion can make climate action successful without antagonising the public";

"Climate change in Vietnam: impacts and adaptation";

"Wind turbines can breathe new life into our warming seas";

"The UK’s policing bill will make climate activism almost illegal – just when it’s most needed".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".


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