Oct. 5, 2021

Quick Climate Links: China could surprise at Glasgow - Al Gore

Quick Climate Links: China could surprise at Glasgow - Al Gore

World-renowned environmentalist and broadcaster Dr David Suzuki (pictured) has told Yahoo News Australia that the outlook for our planet is “very grim” but humanity may survive in pockets.

Read the Yahoo News story: “‘What a mess’: David Suzuki rates the planet's chances of survival”;

Next, we hear about an organization called: “Climate Concern”;

Now we have two stories from ABC News: 

Looming closure of Lithgow coal mines fuels concern over transition plans for hundreds of workers”;

Research into seaweed impact in reducing livestock methane takes scientists to Eureka award finals”;

From The New York Times: "Skateboards, Climate Change and Freedom: Germany’s Next-Generation Parliament”;

And it’s “Welcome to Climate 200”;

From Inside Climate News: “Is it Time for the World Court to Weigh in on Climate Change?”;

And from EnviroNews it’s: “Climate change: "Nowhere is safe, if Africa isn’t’ – Adenike Oladosu warns”;

Four stories from The Guardian:

Confront climate change to stop military being diverted to natural disasters, former ADF chief warns”;

UK electricity generation to be fossil fuel-free by 2035, says Boris Johnson”;

Scott Morrison says he wants to explain emissions plan to Australians before ‘people overseas”;

Nearly 25% of world population exposed to deadly city heat”;

Inside Story tells readers about: “Matt Kean’s electric vehicle diplomacy”;

From Yahoo Finance: “Nuclear Gains Ground in Europe’s Plan to Phase Out Gas”;

From The Canberra Times: “Government backs NSW gas-fired power plant”;

France 24 tells readers: “World airlines commit to 'net zero' CO2 emissions by 2050”:

Two stories from Reuters:

Al Gore: China could surprise the world at Glasgow climate talks”;

Fossil fuel demand shakes off pandemic in blow to climate fight”;

From The New Yorker: “Can Nuclear Fusion Put the Brakes on Climate Change?”;

Climate Conscious tells readers: “When We Can’t See the Climate for the Trees”;

Let’s visit the “BlackOak Collective”;

Different news from a different source: “EurekaAlert”;

From The Threatened Species Recovery Hub: “Webinar 1: Saving wildlife after bushfires: what is the evidence for effective action?”;

From Rewiring Australia: “Electrify everything to demolish power bills”;

And from the Sydney Environment Institute a webinar: “Protecting Country, or Extraction?”;

Finally, we have two stories from The Saturday Paper, they are behind a paywall, but you might like to go there:

“Biden adviser: "I don’t know whether Angus Taylor is an ideologue or an idiot’”;

John Hewson: Morrison must tell the truth on climate”.

Enjoy “Music for a Warming World”.

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