Oct. 18, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Australia can be a hydrogen super-power

Quick Climate Links: Australia can be a hydrogen super-power

Twiggy Forrest (pictured) is leading the charge to see Australia become a hydrogen super-power.

Today's Quick Climate Links:

"Nationals fail to land on climate position during marathon meeting as Barnaby Joyce warns party will not be bullied";

"Nationals ‘highly unlikely’ to agree to 2030 target";

"Hotter temperatures and extreme weather linked to mental distress, suicide";

"Climate of the Nation - 2021" from The Australia Institute;

"Treating beef like coal would make a big dent in greenhouse-gas emissions";

"Australia’s top economists back carbon price, say benefits of net-zero outweigh cost";

"Joyce says Nationals don’t want bigger 2030 climate target as party room frets about regional protections";

"Barnaby Joyce has refused to support doubling Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction targets – but we could get there so cheaply and easily";

"Climate wars, carbon taxes and toppled leaders: the 30-year history of Australia’s climate response, in brief";

"VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on high noon climate negotiations, and pressure on Albanese over MP Anthony Byrne";

"One is not amused: Queen irritated by those who ‘talk but don’t do’ ahead of Cop26";

"‘A long way to play out’: Nationals fail to reach agreement on 2050 emissions reductions";

"Nationals won't rush backing climate plan";

"Patrick Gorman: Why we must end the climate wars";

"Shepparton’s Furphy Foundry switches to clean, green power";

"How Do Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Work Using Hydrogen?"

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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