Nov. 1, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Applying magical thinking to the climate crisis - Sean Kelly

Quick Climate Links: Applying magical thinking to the climate crisis - Sean Kelly

Australia's PM Scott Morrison (pictured) had taken advantage of what he saw as a split on G20 nations to advance his idea that fossil fuels still have a role to play in the future.

You can listen to this Radio National piece here: "G20 leaders water down their commitment to net-zero by 2050".

And the ABC explains: "How Australia earned its climate change reputation".

Australia Energy and Emissions Reductions Minister, Angus Taylor, parrots the hollow technology not taxes mantra and be heard here: "Energy Minister Angus Taylor refuses to detail cost to taxpayers of 2050 climate plan".

Other Quick Climate Links are:

"Morrison government climate plan will fail if solely reliant on technology, thinktank reports";

"Morrison tells G20 that, like the pandemic, science will tackle climate crisis"'

"Don’t rush into a hydrogen economy until we know all the risks to our climate";

"Scientists warn against global warming effect of hydrogen leaks";

"Idiocracy: Australian Coalition Government Mendacity, Corruption & Inaction Sabotaging COP26";

"Stand with young Australians calling for climate justice";

"Supreme Court Case: WOTCH vs VicForests";

"G20 offers little new on climate, leaving uphill task for COP26";

"COP26: World will try again to avert climate disaster";

"Thousands demonstrate in Rome as G20 discuss climate";

"Crisis, what crisis? Boom times for coal ahead of climate conference";

"Towards net zero: A practical plan for Australia’s governments";

"Biden and major world leaders face pressure on climate and Covid.";

"Eco-anxiety over climate crisis suffered by all ages and classes";

"Gippsland Solar Update";

"The Climate Emergency and the Population Diversion";

"The New York Times Climate Hub";

"World Resources Report: Towards a More Equal City";

"Global City Insights into Electric Bus Planning from the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI)";

"Net Zero Festival: The economic case for a net-zero industrial revolution";

"Net Zero Festival: Sir David King on tomorrow's net-zero world";

"How wildfires could unravel California’s climate progress";

"Climate Change Is Violent. Should the Fight Against It Be Too?";

"Meet the Young Activist Suing the UK Government Over Climate Change";

"The climate clock: What’s the world’s carbon budget, and what’s Australia’s share?";

"World Resources Institute COP26 Hub";

"How to Improve Climate Organizing";

"'Our last, best hope': Crucial COP26 climate summit opens with urgent call to action";

"‘We have left it too late’: COP26 unlikely to limit warming to 1.5C, scientists warn";

"Scott Morrison uses final G20 remarks to defend climate policy ahead of Cop26";

"Greenpeace on COP26: Emissions must halve by 2030";

"Climate change is the trade of the decade";

"Barnaby Joyce details some conditions attached to Nationals climate deal";

"How it happened: the Nats and net-zero";

"G-20 Climate Inertia Leaves COP26 Talks Needing a Breakthrough";

"Australia’s top economists back carbon price, say benefits of net-zero outweigh cost";

"Australian economy vulnerable to net-zero — but not from domestic policies";

"Climate change has driven farmers to despair and all we get is callous disregard";

"Canberra team guides big business through climate change shift";

"Impasse on climate could last for years";

"Small business urged to play critical role in net zero through power purchasing";

"‘Critical we pull our weight’: Ardern commits NZ to halve emissions by 2030";

"Economic hit from trading partners’ net-zero plans outweighs domestic risk";

"Coalition’s magical thinking won’t make climate crisis go away";

"CBA and CSIRO team up to decode climate effects on financial sector".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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