March 4, 2022

Quick Climate Links: 'An atlas of human suffering': latest IPPC report

Quick Climate Links: 'An atlas of human suffering': latest IPPC report

Listen to the "Full Story" from The Guardian and you will hear about "the atlas of human suffering".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"The PM calls this a natural disaster – it’s not natural, it’s climate change smashing down our doors";

"Morrison’s deathly silence on IPCC report as floods devastate east coast";

"“A misinformation ecosystem:” Scott Morrison’s climate ads given Public Disservice Award";

"IPCC report: Australian coral, kelp, alpine and some forest ecosystems at risk of irreversible damage due to climate change";

"David Ross: Scotland needs more public ownership to keep communities alive and thriving";

"Transformational change is coming to how people live on Earth, UN climate adaptation report warns: Which path will humanity choose?";

"‘Extremely unstable’: Qld to be smashed by dangerous storms";

"Refillable groceries to be made available to every UK shopper";

"Lobbyist opposed to UK petrol cars ban is director of fuel additive firm";

"War Abroad and Politics at Home Push U.S. Climate Action Aside";

"Feeling overwhelmed by world events? Treat yourself the way you would a friend";

"There is no comprehending the sound and fury of the flooding that pulverised Brisbane";

"Climate change: IPCC scientists on the narrowing window to adapt – podcast";

"Stalled weather: how stuck air pressure systems drive floods and heatwaves";

"New Zealand farmers and growers are already adapting to changing climate conditions – just not enough";

"As industry lines up to take water from a wild Top End river, trees tell the story of a much drier past";

"We can’t keep relying on charities and the food industry to supply food after disasters – the government must lead";

"Europe looks to fossil fuels as Russian invasion sends energy shockwaves";

"‘Atlas of human suffering’: More drought, fire and flood, less snow and coral, UN report says";

"‘Face reality’: Don’t build in flood-prone areas, resilience boss says";

"The End of Oil Drilling in L.A.";

"Are eastern Australia’s catastrophic floods really a one-in-1,000 year event?";

"Zali Steggall reveals plan for net zero, says current disasters just “tip of the iceberg”";

"Greens unveil $25bn grid plan to deliver 700 per cent renewables vision";

"We cling to our memory of the perfect summer – before flood, fire and plague. But the past is gone and we have to wake up";

"The power of the sun: cleaning water and charging cell phones in the Navajo Nation";

"What is the IPCC climate change report – and what does it say?";

"This climate crisis report asks: what is at stake? In short, everything";

"Impact of climate crisis much worse than predicted, says Alok Sharma";

"Being the Change - Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution";

"Three Critical Factors In The End-Permian Mass Extinction";

"Federal Election Petition";

"Drumbeat - Melbourne Changemakers Gathering";

"Qld flood toll rises, as two states begin enormous clean-up";

"Coal-fired power in Australia could be over within 10 years concedes lobbyist Ian Macfarlane";

"Fast fashion is getting faster with data-driven designs but experts worry about its environmental impact";

"Too much water? Argentina farm belt rains mark shift away from drought fears";

"Climatologists: Drought to worsen in Oregon, Idaho this year";

"Stalled weather: how stuck air pressure systems drive floods and heatwaves";

"Oil and gas prices reach highest point in nearly a decade";

"When It Comes to Climate Change, Wealth Equals Adaptation";

"Energy Abundance Is Possible And Europe Shows Us Why It Is Necessary";

"Editorial: The other doomsday: Climate change isn’t as flashy as war, but just as much of a threat";

"Ford Christens EV Unit As Model e — A Name Elon Musk Was After For Tesla Sedan In 2014";

"More than a million homes to be powered by offshore wind energy under ‘game-changing’ Victorian plan";

"Cool it for Climate";

"‘Rain Bomb’ Hits Northeastern Australia, Killing at Least 9";

"Turn down heating by 1C to reduce need for Russian imports, Europeans told";

"Fifth death reported in NSW; ‘it’s climate change,’ Palaszczuk says as Qld death toll rises to 10 – as it happened";

"Window to save ourselves from climate change 'rapidly closing', IPCC warns".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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