Oct. 30, 2021

Quick Climate Links: A message from Uganda to COP-26 in Glasgow

Quick Climate Links: A message from Uganda to COP-26 in Glasgow

Vanessa Nakate (pictured on the cover of Time magazine) is another calling for action on climate change. Her story can be found at "Vanessa Nakate Wants Climate Justice for Africa".

Yes, we are all invited to the big party,  the "Conference of the Parties" in Glasgow.

Business Green is deeply involved and you can read about that here: "Net Zero Festival: Alex Steffen on why the climate crisis isn't taken seriously enough".

Simon Holmes à Court is eager to see more independents in Australia's Federal Government and that idea is discussed in The Sydney Morning Herald podcast: "Simon Holmes à Court: ‘If it works, the payoff will be enormous".

Also calling for action is the "Youth for the Pacific".

Christiana Figueres played a key role in bringing success to the Paris COP event and has been heavily involved with the organization, "Global Optimism".

Other Quick Climate Links are:

"‘Existential challenge’: G20 draft climate communique commits to 1.5C goal – report";

"Cop26: what would success look like for a country vanishing underwater?";

"Cop26 activists head to Glasgow via land, sea – and in a giant metal ball";

"Game on for Glasgow: A Snapshot of International Action";

"For humanity to survive, we must make Australia’s politicians feel our fear and rage";

"The ‘glaring gap’ in B.C.’s new climate plan";

"‘I don’t think we will ever catch up’: B.C. methane targets out of reach amid growing LNG, fracking";

"Biden heads to crucial climate talks as wary allies wonder if US will deliver";

"Australia joins India and China in resisting G20 call to phase out coal";

"How the world ran out of time";

"UK weather: Two bridges washed away in floods after evacuations in Scotland";

"An Electricity Crisis Complicates the Climate Crisis in Europe";

"China’s New Climate Pledge Changes Little, in Bad Omen for Global Talks";

"Oil Executives Grilled Over Industry’s Role in Climate Disinformation";

"What Big Oil Knew About Climate Change, In Its Own Words";

"Scott Morrison’s nerves showed as he squibbed net-zero target and staged a climate farce";

"Cop26: Humanity 5-1 down at half-time on climate crisis, says Johnson";

"For humanity to survive, we must make Australia’s politicians feel our fear and rage";

"Forced retreat: one New Zealand town’s fate highlights coming fight over climate adaptation";

"Sci-Fi Icon Neal Stephenson Finally Takes on Global Warming";

"We need First Nations Leadership at COP26 - I'm off to Glasgow";

"What to expect at COP26";

"Australia’s 2050 net-zero emissions plan relies on ‘gross manipulation’ of data, experts say";

"Climate paralysis? Try multisolving";

"Ground zero: Australia's net-zero debate in Hunter coal country";

"G20 leaders expected to make 2050 pledge";

"A four-day work week would help save the planet";

"Zoe Daniel: If the PM’s climate plan is ‘uniquely Australian’, that’s not my Australia";

"Why we need a Great Forest National Park";

"Oil giant Saudi Arabia sees opportunity in climate crisis";

"COP26: Here’s what you need to know about the UN climate summit";

"How the gas lobby captured Morrison’s Glasgow response";

"Working at the World Bank, I can see how it is failing humanity on the climate crisis";

"World’s first hydrogen-powered double-decker bus travels to COP26";

"Climate challenges mount for California agriculture";

"Extreme weather: the worrying consequences of climate change ahead of Cop26";

"Tree planting 101: What corporations should know about tree planting";

"To close 1.5C gap, countries face call for another round of climate pledges by 2023";

"Modi’s ‘gamechanger’ palm oil push raises concerns for Indian forests and women";

"Australia is relying on offsets and future technology to meet 2050 net-zero target";

"Pope Francis urges leaders to take ‘radical’ climate action at Cop26";

"Streaming’s dirty secret: how viewing Netflix top 10 creates vast quantity of CO2";

"‘It still gives me nightmares’: the firefighters on the frontline as the world burns";

"When the World Is on the Brink, $3.5 Trillion Is a Pittance";

"The Climate Summit in Glasgow: ‘Let’s Choose Life’";

"Addressing the climate emergency at COP26";

"Political ‘branding rights’ on methane a pinch point in 2050 fallout";

"The billionaire, the book and the PM: How Bill Gates convinced Scott Morrison on net-zero";

"High cost of electric vehicles make Australians hesitant to buy";

"Boris Johnson, an unlikely Captain Planet with global ambitions";

"On policy, there’s less to Morrison’s words than meets the eye";

"On COP26 eve, praise and scorn as Morrison’s climate hand ‘forced’";

"Australia ‘placed a spotlight on itself’ for backing coal on eve of COP26";

"Zero-sum game may reward Libs at the ballot box";

"Coalition electorates are becoming a climate battleground before the next election";

"Climate justice and digital rally at Glasgow";

"Climate experts warn world leaders 1.5C is ‘real science’, not just talking point";

"Prof Peter Stott: ‘Denialists question the cost of climate action … doing nothing costs far more’";

"COP26 climate change summit: Fossil fuel industry's 'doomist' propaganda cannot hide the reality of global warming – Professor Michael E Mann";

"Which leaders will attend COP26? Full list of country heads visiting Glasgow for climate change summit";

"Arctic wildfires threatening North America’s black spruce trees";

"G20: Scott Morrison faces Emmanuel Macron, UK piles on the climate change pressure";

"Former Japanese Prime Minister Says Global Warming Has Made Rice 'Tastier'";

"World Leaders Failed to Bend the Emissions Curve for 30 Years. Some Climate Experts Say Bottom-Up Change May Work Better";

"Warming Trends: The BBC Introduces ‘Life at 50 Degrees,’ Helping African Farmers Resist Drought and Driftwood Provides Clues to Climate’s Past";

"Cop26 failure could mean mass migration and food shortages, says Boris Johnson";

"Our climate demands we change the world right now. The good news? We can";

"Cop26: the time for prevarication is over";

"Biden's climate leadership is on the line at COP26";

"Get the People's Pass – A COP26 newsletter ".

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