Oct. 2, 2021

Quick Climate Links: 2050 battle rages, climate pressure, 'gangsta garden', Climate 200

Quick Climate Links: 2050 battle rages, climate pressure, 'gangsta garden', Climate 200

Simon Holmes a Court (pictured), the fellow behind Climate 200, was interviewed on Radio National and the full interview can be found at “Climate 200 seeks to unseat government giants over climate change, integrity and the treatment of women”.

The next story today is from Wired and tells readers: “Valley Fever Is Spreading Through a Hotter, Drier Western US”;

That’s followed by four stories from Medium:

Carbon Removals vs. Carbon Avoidance”;

Molten salt reactors: global savior or a deal with the devil?”;

Let’s talk about climate change (no really!)”;

As Antarctica melts, we stand to lose much more than ice”;

Now it’s two stories from The Conversation:

Grattan on Friday: To go or not to go — Morrison grapples with Glasgow”;

Social media is reducing climate change debates to your views on veganism”;

From Bloomberg: “Coal Surges to Record as Global Scramble for Energy Accelerates”;

Inside Climate News tells readers: “Climate Change is Weakening the Ocean Currents That Shape Weather on Both Sides of the Atlantic”;

We have four stories how from the Guardian:

10 great city projects for nature - from vertical forests to a "gangsta garden"”;

Cumbria coalmine would hit global decarbonisation efforts, inquiry hears”;

Right faction hardheads will accept greenwashing ahead of Glasgow if that’s required to keep the Coalition in power”;

Apple and Disney among companies backing groups against US climate bill”;

Aljazeera tells readers: “Thunberg leads climate protests in Italy ahead of COP26”;

From The Hill it’s: “Manchin: Natural gas 'has to be' part of clean energy program”;

Rainforest Action Network tells readers about; “Revel 2021”;

Here’s a trio of stories from The Melbourne Age:

While the 2050 battle rages in Australia, the world is talking 2030”;

Joyce striving to lead Nationals to peace deal on climate”;

Morrison is out of excuses, and time, to act on emissions”;

From the Climate CoLab we readers learn that they can: “Work with people from all over the world to create proposals for how to reach global climate change goals”;

On Yahoo News it’s: “Keep up climate pressure, UN chief tells youth”;

From RenewEconomy: “Liberal-controlled oversight committee says Taylor’s ARENA changes should be cancelled”;

Finally, for today, we have two stories from Yale Climate Connections:

Hot, dry, and smoky: Iconic Yellowstone has much to lose with climate change”;

Pittsburgh’s climate-friendly plan for condemned homes”.

 Enjoy “Music for a Warming World”.

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