Aug. 24, 2021

News: Climate change 'doom scrolling' no longer necessary

News: Climate change 'doom scrolling' no longer necessary

"Doom scrolling" is a term handed out to people who search the internet for apocalyptic climate change stories.

Well, you can still do that, but it is hardly necessary anymore as almost any credible news service will give the readers/viewers the facts about our questionable future, why it is shaping the way it is and the possible solutions.

And today, we reference just three stories:

RenewEconomy tells readers - "Solar exceeds coal for first time, as renewables set new records on Australia’s main grid';

The Grattan Institute helps us understand Towards net zero - "Practical policies to reduce industrial emissions";

And the Melbourne Age writes about extreme weather - "IPCC report may have underplayed risk of freak El Nino and La Nina events".

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