May 5, 2021

Zali Steggall and Greta Thunberg give hope, while Aussie PM destroys it

Zali Steggall was one of three keynote speakers at a recent Rotary webinar entitled, "Climate and Peace Forum". Zali, who replaced arch-climate denialist, Tony Abbott, in the Federal Seat of Warringah, has forced fellow parliamentarians to confront the climate issue with her new Bill, Climate Change (National Framework for and Mitigation) Bill 2020; a bill people can support through the " Climate Act Now " website. And while Zali battles here in Australia with the climate denialists, Greta Thun…

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May 3, 2021

Victoria's emissions targets exposes two apsects of the climate crisis

Dr Nicholas Eberle from Environment Victoria has commented in today's Melbourne Age about the Victorian State Government's emissions targets. He ends his story by saying: "So that’s the political context – but it’s only one side of the story. We also need to look at the science, and judge these targets against the urgency of the climate crisis we’re facing." The mainstream media's approach to the climate crisis has changed dramatically in recent years and in another story staff writer, Miki Per…

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April 30, 2021

A blueprint the climate crisis demands we adapt.

Vanessa Taylor (pictured) has written on "Mic" about regenerative agriculture , suggesting it is a blueprint for the future; a blueprint a world deeply troubled by climate change urgently needs to follow. Through her article, Vanessa alerts us to the folly of mono-cropping, a process that strips the soil of its fertility. Listen to the Melbourne-based group, " Music for Warming World ".

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April 29, 2021

Dr Prash talks cryptocurrency, but he could have been discussing the climate crisis

Dr Prash P (pictured) specialises in cryptocurrency, but his philosophies about technology make you feel as if he is talking about addressing the climate crisis. He is the co-founder of Caleb and Brown , a Melbourne-based cryptocurrency brokerage and was one of two speakers on a recent webinar that was a part of Melbourne Knowledge Week . Enjoy this episode and " Music for a Warming World ".

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April 27, 2021

$20 000 a minute in subsidies for Australia's fossil fuel industries!

Taxpaying Australians, are handing out nearly $20 000 a minute to Australia's fossil fuel industries. Attempts a couple of years ago to raise this with the Member for Nicholls, Damian Drum , faltered when he asked for evidence; evidence I couldn't supply of the top of my head or at least couldn't explain, until now, thanks to The Australia Institute. The evidence comes in the form of a substantial report from the institute, distilled here to a press release . Should the revelation of these fact…

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April 25, 2021

We need planning and preparation, not monuments and memories

ANZAC Day is, for me, something of a conundrum for although I recognise the almost irresistible pull of the concept, I lament the vast attention and expense it attracts, especially when the whole world is facing an even more pressing challenge in what is the climate crisis. While you consider this, take a break and listen to " Music for a Warming World ".

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April 24, 2021

PM lambasted for efforts at "Leaders on Climate" summit

Prime Minister Scott Morrison represented Australia at the U.S, President Joe Biden's " Leaders Summit on Climate " and his performance was met with resounding criticism. Among those to lambast the Australian PM were Ketan Joshi from RenewEconomy; Frank Jotzo writing in The Guardian; and Richie Merzian writing on The New Daily. Another who commented about the Joe Biden climate summit was Michelle Grattan writing on The Conversation . The New York Times also recognized "Earth Day" with another o…

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April 18, 2021

Considering 'natural disasters' that have human fingerprints all over them

The Australian Government is being overwhelmed by natural disasters; disasters that are considered natural but which have human fingerprints all over them. The universities website, The Conversation, has carried many stories about the climate crisis and two of the most recent of those are " Failure is not an option’: after a lost decade on climate action, the 2020s offer one last chance " by Professor Will Steffen, and " Cyclone Seroja just demolished parts of WA – and our warming world will br…

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April 15, 2021

Carbon budgets need our attention - David Spratt

David Spratt worked with Ian Dunlop to write the "Carbon Budget Briefing Notes for 1.5 and 2 degrees Celsius" for the National Centre for Climate Restoration, Breakthrough . A story about those briefing notes - " Net zero emissions must be reached before 2030 for 2°C target, new analysis says " - was published by Australia's pre-eminent climate website, RenewEconomy. In this episode, David talks about why he and Ian wrote the briefing paper, who it is for and why people should pay attention to …

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April 11, 2021

Stumbling into the messy politicisation of the climate crisis

In what seems like "another life ago", I heard in 2006, soon after stumbling accidentally into the climate conversation, that if the discussion ever became politicised, all was lost. That happened almost immediately and the difficulty was illustrated just recently when the former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull (pictured), was appointed to a newly created New South Wales net-zero emissions and clean economy advisory board and in almost the same breath, removed from the role. The rea…

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April 5, 2021

Explaining the impossible in just 30 minutes

Concerns that not all councillors from the City of Greater Shepparton understood or supported the idea of a Climate Emergency prompted a letter from a few locals seeking an unqualified "yes" or "no" from all nine councillors. The result confirmed little but did result in an invite for two of us to join the council at a "briefing session" where we could talk about the climate emergency, how the council should invoke that and how the council should involve the community. Just 30 minutes has been …

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April 3, 2021

A decent man fighting to take back our planet

Professor Michael E. Mann is deeply embedded in the fight to take back our planet and his latest book, " The New Climate War ", allows us to experience that struggle through his eyes. This latest episode of Climate Conversations features a discussion between Professor Mann and the senior vice-president, strategy and communications, with the Environmental Defense Fund , Eric Pooley. The conversation illustrates the decency of Michael Mann, a fellow who has been repeatedly lambasted by the world'…

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April 2, 2021

We need an army of peole with the commitment and intent of Fiona Armstrong

Fiona Armstrong (pictured) from the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA) was the guest at a recent meeting of Darebin Climate Action Now where she talked about the many exciting projects of CAHA. Fiona is generous with both her time and knowledge, willingly sharing it with anyone who might be interested in hearing about the need for climate action and with regard to the impact a warming world is having on human health. Fiona is not alone in spreading the word about the need for climate action as …

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March 30, 2021

A global problem needs a global response

Radio National listeners were told this week that a global problem needed a global response. The speaker was referring to the Covid-19 crisis but equally could have been referring to the climate crisis. The 2015 Paris Agreement provided much comfort for some as it has been perceived as a "global response", but for many, it is grossly inadequate as global temperatures will continue to rise, despite the achievements in Paris. Climate Conversations urges you to enjoy the sounds of " Music for a Wa…

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March 29, 2021

Coming RMIT webinar will help us understand the health costs of transport

Dr Belen Zapata-Diomedi (pictured) from Melbourne's RMIT University is, along with others, developing a tool that will people understand the health impacts of transport. She will play a significant part in a coming webinar, "Health Impact in Transport Modelling". She talked with Climate Conversations about what is a liveable community and being a personal user of passive transport (walking and cycling) encouraged others to follow her lead. A report from RMIT - " Early delivery of equitable and …

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March 26, 2021

Talking about how journalists report on the climate crisis

The Brooklyn Public Library and Brooklyn350.org combined to stage a webinar at which four "on the ground" reporters told their stories about what the media was missing when reporting on the climate crisis; how it could do better and what impact the crisis was having on their mental health. After listening to this and hearing something about how the climate crisis is being reported in America, I urge you to also listen to the Melbourne-based " Music for a Warming World ".

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March 24, 2021

Anna Rose told Shepparton people in 2013 to expect what is happening now in NSW

Anna Rose (pictured), the co-founder of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition spoke at a 2013 forum organized by the Shepparton-based Slap Tomorrow and talked then about the climate-driven conditions that would bring on the weather events such as those now being experienced in Australia's New South Wales. Professor Will Steffen from the Climate Council has also weighed in with a similar explanation about what is happening in NSW and has called on Australia's Federal Government and corporations…

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March 23, 2021

Compromise - at the root of the problem that is the climate crisis

Compromise, or an "overhaul" according to the Minerals Council of Australia, is what the European Commission needs to do in that it should be including nuclear power and carbon capture and storage on its list of environmentally friendly developments. Adam Morton writes in The Guardian about the Mineral Council's submission and in doing so refers to a London-based think tank, Influencemap , that tracks corporate climate lobbying. Rushworth landscape architect, Lou Costa , wants to see 'compromis…

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