June 8, 2021

Climate Choir Melbourne is singing for the trees

Climate Choir Melbourne is singing for the trees

Jeannie Marsh (pictured) is the leader of the Climate Choir Melbourne and is passionately concerned about the climate crisis, particularly for the lives of her grandchildren and those of her fellow choristers.

The convergence of circumstances in 2015 saw the choir burst onto the Melbourne scene and ever since it has been a critical part of most public actions set up to protect various aspects of our environment.

Jeannie is an enthusiast, believing that music and human voices used in unison, such as with the Climate Choir Melbourne, can change events and in doing so help us avoid the worst of the quickly unfolding climate crisis.

The Climate Choir Melbourne has appeared in many venues and for Jeannie a memorable event came when she and fellow choristers sang a beautiful lament, For the Trees, in Kinglake, June 2020.

This area of beautiful native forest had been recently clear-felled – a destructive logging technique where both trees and undergrowth is cut down, rather than selectively removing the trees that will be used for timber.

Enjoy Music for a Warming World.



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