Oct. 29, 2020

Another warning about 'baked-in' changes to our climate

Another warning about 'baked-in' changes to our climate

Joëlle Gergis came into my orbit in 2009 when I first heard Professor David Karoly speak at the University of Melbourne's Festival of Ideas.

From being a student of Professor Karoly, Dr Gergis became a noted climate scientist and author, writing both a book, "Sunburnt Country", and becoming a regular contributor to The Conversation.

The Melbourne-based bookshop, Readings, recently teamed up with The Conversation to launch the latest compilation of writings from this wonderful university-based institution, "The Conversation: 2020, The Year That Changed Us".

Dr Gergis was one of a panel of three appearing at the launch, interviewed by the Editor and executive director from The Conversation, Misha Ketchell.