May 8, 2021

Anika and Christiana illustrate climate optimism!

Anika and Christiana illustrate climate optimism!

Anika Molesworth (pictured) is among Australia's busiest climate activists.

The far-western New South Wales farmer, who is an agro-ecologist, uses what technology is available to her as a means to promote her views about why we should be acting to counter climate change.

Her latest innovation is the creation of an idea and a website - "The Positive Alternative"  - through which she and her team will create stories of how farmers, primarily, and the rest of us are responding to the changing climate and how we are cresting the positive alternative.

The resultant documentaries will be taken audiences around the world.

Another climate optimist is Christiana Figeures who played a key role in seeing nearly 200 countries reach an agreement in 2015 about the need to confront the climate crisis and leave that French city with the Paris Accord behind them.

Working with Tom Rivett-Carnac, she has created "Global Optimism".

Another optimistic and positive group is the Melbourne-based "Music for a Warming World".



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