April 21, 2018

Welcome to Climactic

Welcome to Climactic

Setting the scene in this first episode, Mark Spencer, founder of Climactic, and co-host Rich Bowden talk about the goals they have for their new podcast. The pair discuss the storytelling approach they will take to bringing listeners information and ideas on sustainable living. Mark and Rich also give an insight into the interviews they will be using to anchor the show as well as the importance they give to listener engagement to the success of the show.

Both Mark and Rich love talking to the people doing the hard yards on the ground, as much if not more so than the famous figures in the environmental movement, so if you’d like to tell your story, we’d be very happy to help.

Climactic.fm - The voice of the people on climate change.

The introductory trailer episode also includes preview “teaser” clips from the following interviews:

Dugald Holmes
Asia-Pacific Support Manager for Papercut, and Grassroots Environmental Campaigner.

El Gibbs
Community champion.
Freelance writer, disability advocate and former councillor in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

Costa Georgiadis
ABC personality, speaker, permaculture and sustainability advocate and presenter of the long-running Gardening Australia.

Maxine Bazely
Maxine is a volunteer host at the New Joneses, a professional in the recruitment industry, and a very inspiring woman. She walked the walk and quit her day job in order to live on a block in Torquay, near Melbourne on the Surf Coast, to pursue her goals of personal and environmental sustainability. She's doing great work with her new agency, Teal Collaborative, and she will always be Climactic's favourite first guest.

Oli Moraes
A volunteer facilitator at Climate for Change.

Cr John Fry
Councillor and long-time Landcare expert in Central West NSW.

Cr Tim Baxter
Tim is a member of the Port Phillip City Council, representing the Canal Ward, and is associated with the Greens Party. He was the first elected official to volunteer to be on Climactic. He's a great thinker on the future of democracy, sustainability, and local government, and is a very friendly and approachable guy. We know he'd love it if you got in touch with him for a chat.

Cr Katherine Copsey
Katherine is a passionate local, who cares about the community she lives in. She is proud of our eclectic neighbourhoods, our thriving local marketplaces, our rich cultural heritage and our natural environment. She cares about the protection of our neighbourhoods and fostering community renewable energy solutions.

Interested in becoming part of the Climactic community? We’re really looking for your engagement, suggestions, feedback and guests to improve and tweak our future shows. We really see this as a listener-driven podcast.

Contact us at the following:

Special Guests: Dugald Holmes, El Gibbs, Katherine Copsey, Maxine Bazeley, Oli Moraes, and Tim Baxter.

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