Aug. 1, 2018

Tracy Sorensen — "Writing climate fiction, living climate reality"

Tracy Sorensen — "Writing climate fiction, living climate reality"

Filmmaker, writer, academic, journalist and activist Tracy Sorensen is a woman of many talents. She touches on, and in some cases dives deeply into many of these areas in her chat with Rich. Her personal experience in learning about and coping with climate change is insightful and relatable and her gift for communication is obvious. Hear her perspective on the power of arts in talking to people on the importance of climate change, a view shared by the Climactic hosts and one we think you'll enjoy hearing. (And Tracy delivers a Climactic exclusive right at the very end!)

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Caleb Fidecaro — Producer
Rich Bowden — Co-Founder
Mark Spencer — Co-Founder
Abigail Hawkins — Designer
Greg Grassi — Composer

Special Guest: Tracy Sorensen.

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