July 26, 2019

The RegenNarration — 2040 with Damon Gameau and Julie Leslie

The RegenNarration — 2040 with Damon Gameau and Julie Leslie

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Guest episode from The RegenNarration:

Damon Gameau has received multiple standing ovations around the world as he has accompanied the premiere screenings of his visionary documentary film ‘2040’. You might remember our first conversation on this podcast last year, as the film was being finished. This time we’re joined by a wonderfully engaged cinema audience, and special guest Julie Leslie, the impressive editor of Circular Style – a new magazine about sustainable, conscious, and circular fashion.

What resulted was a fascinating sense of how the film is landing with people - the questions raised and inspiration felt. And some additional stories that aren’t in the film, like the instructive story behind how the board game Monopoly used to be played, Damon’s visit to the Gross National Happiness centre in Bhutan, what regenerative fashion might look like, and what the growing movement behind 2040 is up to.

Anthony starts the conversation by asking the audience a bit about themselves. Only about half the people considered themselves very engaged with themes of sustainability or regeneration, but just about all were very concerned about the future - though interestingly, one person wasn’t concerned at all (you’ll hear him join the conversation in this podcast).

Most tellingly, only a couple of people had ever thought about the sort of positive vision for the future outlined in the film. It emphasises the enormous value of this documentary. 2040, and these conversations, are envisioning new, more aspirational stories to live by, and exploring the changes we can make together that just might bring them about.

Anthony hosts Damon and Julie in conversation at the Perth premiere of 2040.

With thanks to Adriana Begovich from Anarchy PR.

Note: On Anthony’s mention of the book Empire of Things, Frank Trentmann reports one third of the items in the average British wardrobe is never worn.

Special Guest: Anthony James.

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