Sept. 4, 2021

The Overview Effect | David Holmgren sees a resilient future

The Overview Effect | David Holmgren sees a resilient future

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I have a treat for you today.

This episode is the final live headline conversation from Renew Fest in May, with living legend, esteemed author, thinker, and Co-Originator of the permaculture concept, David Holmgren.

We’ve all heard of permaculture; it’s been a massive movement and so many people have taken on the concepts of permaculture design into their homes and gardens.

So rather than just talk about what permaculture is or how we implement it, I wanted to take the opportunity step back and ask David about where it came from. Why did he feel the need to develop it in the first place?

Truly, it was birthed from David’s perspectives on what the future could look like, the challenges we may face as society, and what behaviours we can cultivate now to change our trajectory. 

In this live conversation, we dive into his 'Future Scenarios' work, where he shares the potential futures we could face which he calls:

  • Techno explosion
  • Techno stability
  • Energy descent
  • Collapse

We talk about our global over-reliance on centralised corporations and governments, and the importance of cultivating both self-reliance (taking things into our own hands) as well as collective reliance (building community connections).

And of course, we dive into the content of his most recent book, Retrosuburbia: The Downshifters Guide to a Resilient Future. This is a truly incredible book which covers so much content about our built world, our biological world, and our behavioural paradigms.

David is a rare mix of highly intellectual and genuinely down-to-earth and human. You're going to love this one.

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