July 30, 2021

Sustainable Hour | The Climate Revolution - Part 3

Sustainable Hour | The Climate Revolution - Part 3

Full notes available from the Centre for Climate Safety.

Thank you to the Sustainable Hour for sharing this episode with us. 

The threat, the solution and the plan. Here's the why, the who and the how. This podcast episode is dedicated to the climate campaigner who has burned out.

Podcast content – in order of appearance - apologies these are 2:31 earlier than they appear in the Climactic release. 

00:05 Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General
00:25 Movie clip: Marvel, Thor: Kaorg speaks to Thor about revolution (also at 53:52)
00:46 Jose Ramos: “What is my role and my place?”
00:54 Jennifer Morgan, Executive Director, Greenpeace International, quotes Bob Hunter
01:01 7News Sydney: NSW Rural Fireservice firefighter
01:16 Californian firefigther on SBS News
01:24 BBC World Service during Second World War: “This is London calling”
01:50 Stuart Scott speaking in Stockholm in 2018 (also at 27:57, 29:40, 35:49)
06:20 9-year-old Eve speaking in London at Extinction Rebellion rally
07:31 Reuters: Deadly floods hit western Europe
09:18 Kinya Seto, CEO, LIXIL Corporation
10:11 Chris Hayes on MSNBC: extreme weather news
12:01 Movie clip: Marvel, The Avengers: “And the humans, what can they do but burn?”
12:42 Movie clip: The 100, s1 e5 at 26:20: “This will cause a riot! Good. We need one.”
12:48 Movie clip: The 100, s2 e8 at 8:20: Abby talks about trust
12:55 Breakthrough interview with Admiral Chris Barrie
14:45 Jennifer Atkinson at 6:00 in Episode 1 of Facing It podcast, ‘Facing Down Climate Grief’
16:19 Amitav Ghosh, Indian author, interviewed by Rune Lykkeberg, editor of Information
17:50 Adam Bandt, leader of the Australian Greens, addresses Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack in the Australian Parliament on 17 June 2021
20:31 Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking at the Austrian World Summit 2021
22:32 Angela Francis speaking at TEDxLondonWomen in December 2019
25:46 Emily Atkin, Heated podcast producer, interview on CNN
27:31 MacKenzie King, Canadian Prime Minister, speaking during the Second World War, featured in Climate Emergency Unit’s 4 Hopeful Lessons from WW2 to Confront Climate Change (also at 52:31)
28:32 Greta Thunberg: “You cannot solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis.”
29:13 ABC News: Landmark climate court ruling against Royal Dutch Shell puts Australian firms on notice
30:35 9News reporting on Antonio Guterres call for governments to declare a climate emergency
31:26 Jennifer Morgan, Executive Director, Greenpeace International, quotes Bob Hunter
31:36 Movie clip: The 100, s2 e13 at 18:50: Bellamy and Maya talk about revolution
31:52 BBC World Service during Second World War (also at 53:40)
37:56 Jem Bendell: Living in the Time of Dying
40:47 Movie clip: Marvel, Guardians Of The Universe: “I have a plan”
41:09 Dr Giselle Wilkinson speaks about her doctorate “Mobilising whole communities to restore a safe climate” at the webinar Finding a Safe Passage to a Safe Climate (also at 42:46, 50:08 and 51:59)
41:53 Movie clip: Larry Kramer in ‘Love and Anger’: “Nobody knows what to do next!”
42:33 Brenna Quinlan, illustrator, interviewed in ABC’s Gardening Australia
44:40 Michael Shaw, teacher and therapist, in Conscient podcast
46:36 Rob Hopkins, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Stephan Harding and others in an excerpt from last part of Peter Armstrong’s documentary film ‘The Sequel’
52:15 Movie clip: Enola Holmes: “The future is up to us!”
52:27 “All revolutions seem impossible until they are inevitable.”
52:44 Jason Bordoff in ‎Planet A podcast with Dan Jørgensen on 3 July 2021
54:14 David Attenborough, excerpt from BBC’s ‘Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change the World’“There just could be a change in moral attitude from people world-wide, politicians world-wide, to see that self-interest is for the past, common interest is for the future.”
54:41 The Kookaburra laughs
54:55 Prince Ea: Three seconds

00:00 Alex Aidt: Icecream (also at 04:58 and 26:40)
00:49 Twin Musicom: A Dream Within a Dream (also at 02:56, 7:26 and 16:58)
01:24 Serge Pavkin: Dawn
03:11 Wayne Jones: Connection (also at 30:05)
03:35 Serge Pavkin: Reflections on Life (also at 23:36)
06:60 The 126ers: Water Lily
08:30 Density & Time: Ether-Real (also at 52:36)
09:18 Hang Massive: Heritage of Queens and Kings
09:24 Colin Mockett in The Sustainable Hour
09:58 Peekaboo: Arrival
12:10 Wayne Jones: Resolution (also at 13:42)
15:25 Climate Clock (also at 42:25)
32:07 Hang Massive: The Moon’s Reflections on Countless Ponds (also at 51:42)
42:45 New Oddyssey
44:40 Wayne Jones: A Quiet Thought
45:45 Louis Wilson: Droplets
50:05 South London HiFi: Sunrise Drive
53:20 Gil Scott-Heron: “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, 1970
A big thank you to the musicians for allowing us to use this music in the podcast.

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