Nov. 16, 2019

🧪🥊 Sci Fight — Does Nature Know Best? | Science Comedy Debates

🧪🥊 Sci Fight — Does Nature Know Best? | Science Comedy Debates

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Recorded at Howler, October 17th.
Sci Fight Science Comedy Debate is a bi-monthly science and comedy debate held at Howler Bar, Brunswick in Melbourne. Hosted by science comedian Alanta Colley, it’s almost always a lot of fun and only occasionally results in defamation cases. Now also lives in podcast form at

*This round's topic: Nature Knows Best. *

We are born of nature. We strive daily to return to Mother's ideal state; organic, pure, fresh, and free of chemicals. We're told we would definitely be a lot happier if we shook off the shackles of modern day living; buried our smart phone, swapped out our laptop for lapping lakes, exchanged our coke for coconuts and netflix for nectar and flowers.

And it's true; mother nature invented heaps of good stuff. Like sunsets. And the mantis shrimp. But she also invented scurvy. And obstetric fistula. And kidney stones. I mean what were we supposed to do with kidney stones! They're not even load bearing like regular stones.

Let's be honest; if left purely to the whims of evolution a whole bunch of us would not be alive for this event. To feed the lion nature sacrifices the goat. And the goat didn't really get a say in it. The goat would probably be happier if the lion survived off protein pills and video games.

And who gets to draw the line as to what even is natural? I mean, everything is of nature, if you squint hard enough. With the right mind set real estate agents are natural. And banking holidays. And Dancing with the Stars.

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