Nov. 23, 2019

Road to COP25: A seminar from the Monash Energy Club

Road to COP25: A seminar from the Monash Energy Club

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'The gap is larger than ever' according to the United In Science report published earlier this year. The current national emissions reduction targets set under the Paris Agreement needs to be increased fivefold to maintain the temperature rise below 1.5°C - a widely accepted goal that would avoid potentially irreversible consequences of climate change. The lack of progress achieved in the recent United Nations Climate Summit puts even more pressure on the members of the 25th Conference of Parties (COP) meeting later this year in Chile.

Monash Energy Club (MEC) is hosting a seminar to discuss the topics that will dominate the COP25 agenda, including international carbon markets and the need for resource mobilisation to ensure the transition to a low-carbon economy. While the countries are expected to raise their ambition, some are still struggling to follow their current Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement. The latest emissions data will show whether Australia is on track to meets its emissions reduction target, and what role we expect Australia to play in the years ahead.

The Panel

Anna Malos, Policy Analyst - Climate Works Australia
John Connor , CEO - Carbon Market Institute
Erwin Jackson, Policy Director - Investor Group on Climate Change
Chloe Munro AO, Professorial Fellow - Monash University

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