May 24, 2019

Reid Pierce — How the Inner West was Won

Reid Pierce — How the Inner West was Won

When we asked Reid Pierce how he managed to get the Inner West Council to declare a climate emergency he answered, ‘I just asked them’. This is a conversation of hope, action, the importance of language and using momentum to enact change.

With the results of the 2019 federal election still weighing on our hearts and minds this is a podcast to raise you up and remind you that all over this country, and our world, are people making major breakthrough everyday to make our world a greener, cleaner and more equitable place. with conviction. People just like you.

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Shannon Loughnanne - The City Roars
Annett Finger, Boomerang Alliance - The link to make a submission to the Victorian government

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Special Guests: Annett Finger, Reid Pierce, and Shannon Loughnane.

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