Aug. 2, 2019

Newsball — CFC You Next Tuesday

Newsball  — CFC You Next Tuesday

Guest episode from Newsball
This episode has explicit language.

"This week in a very special episode we have our first ever guest Mark Spencer from the Climactic Network! Mark and his friends over at Climactic host a show that tell peoples stories on climate change and share a lot of positive news in times that can seem less than positive! We had a great time hearing Mark bring in some interesting stories across environmental history. We hope you do too! Let us know what you thought of the collaboration as we make more plans for the future of Newsball!

Also a formal apology from Newsball to Fox News Contributor Daniel Turner, we were really annoyed at you at the time on the count of all the outlandishly dismissive and ignorant things you said about a global issue that has as of this week a 99% scientific consensus that it's a threat. So anyway, sorry about all the personal insults and what not."


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