Dec. 19, 2018

Let's discuss: COP24, and the End of Year One

Let's discuss: COP24, and the End of Year One

It's been a big year. In the cultural awareness and response to climate change, in dramatic moments, slow-burning stories, trends, macro-enomic factors. Sadly, it's also been a big year for emissions.

But it was also the year that a new platform launched, that lets people from all backgrounds talk about how they're encountering, and grappling with, climate change.

For the whole team behind Climactic, this has been a monumental year. And so we want to say thank you for joining us on this wild ride.

Mark and Rich break down the year, the highlights and learning, and we cover a topical subject, COP24.

Join us! And see you next year, January 10th.

Special Guest: Dr. Tobias Geiger.

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