June 4, 2021

Leeds climate action Andy Gouldson and Polly Cook

Leeds climate action Andy Gouldson and Polly Cook

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In episode three we talk to two key players in the PCAN story, Andy Gouldson, Professor of Environmental Policy at the University of Leeds, and Polly Cook, Chief Officer for Sustainable Energy and Air Quality from Leeds City Council.

Andy set up the independent Leeds Climate Commission in 2017, which works closely with Leeds City Council. The Leeds Commission has led to the formation of ten other climate commissions around the UK, through PCAN, the Place-based Climate Action Network. Andy and Polly have also been instrumental in setting up one of the newest, and largest yet - Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission.

Co-hosts Professor John Barry, from Queen’s University Belfast, and Kate Lock, from the University of Leeds, talk to them about the thinking behind these novel climate partnerships.

Andy discusses some of the ongoing challenges around ensuring the voices of all communities are heard in addressing climate action, and his vision for financial tools that let people invest in a green future for their city.

Polly explains the importance of a climate emergency declaration for the day-to-day work of a council, and describes their attempts to communicate hyper-locally, so people can inspire each other to become more sustainable.

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