April 19, 2019

Josh Cox — Education and Extinction (Reptile Encounters)

Josh Cox — Education and Extinction (Reptile Encounters)

Reptile Encounters is a mobile zoo. A zoo that comes to you, whether to a classroom or boardroom, for schools or corporate events. It's not a new concept. But Josh, the founder, is bringing fresh eyes and a perspective with a sustainability focus to the field. An animal lover, Josh is passionate about his flock, and for teaching kids about them.

Mark talks to Josh about fostering connections to nature in young people, how vital a care for animals and nature is for development, and how pivotal a time this is for spreading a love and care for nature. The unfolding sixth mass extinction, the first climate change-linked extinction, the Murray-Darling fish kills are all discussed. But so are happier topics, like Josh's history of exotic pets, and how great a feeling it is to expose kids to a new love of animals.

A great episode to share with the animal lover in your life.

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Special Guest: Josh Cox.

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