Feb. 27, 2019

Gretchen Miller — Crafting Connection to the Natural World

Gretchen Miller — Crafting Connection to the Natural World

Gretchen Miller is a creator of beautiful audio. A twenty year veteran of the ABC, she's produced radio features for the ABC, RN, and BBC. She's also passionate about the environment, well aware of climate change, and to our immensely good fortune, an early supporter, and key advisor, of Climactic. As a member of the Climactic Collective, Georgia did her very first interview with Gretchen, and you wouldn't believe this is it. Georgia is a natural and turns this into a fascinating conversation about Gretchen's emotional relationship to climate change, her ways of staying motivated, her approach to her craft, and the power of the spoken word to inform, persuade, and enthrall.

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Special Guest: Gretchen Miller.

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