May 5, 2020

πŸŒ²πŸš“ Gretchen Miller | Big Pats Creek Blockade with Alice

πŸŒ²πŸš“ Gretchen Miller | Big Pats Creek Blockade with Alice

Climactic contributor Gretchen Miller saw a post from Protect Warburton Ranges, of a young woman named Alice up a tree, trying to protect old-growth native forest from clear-felling, forest just a kilometre from her home - her literal backyard. 

Alice, the same Alice you may have already heard on Climactic. So introductions were made, and from Gretchen in Sydney, to Alice up a tree in the Victorian Central Highlands, this interview was conducted late last night. Today we release it for you, because as this goes up Alice is still in her tree-sit, but not for long. Search and Rescue are on their way to remove this 'possum' from her tree. 

Alice states that 'although the night was chilly, I remain undeterred and committed to holding off the clear-fell logging of this precious forest as long as I can. The government sanctioned plundering of the ecosystems that we all rely upon must be stopped.'

Our native forests are critically important for bushfire affected threatened species habitat, water security, carbon storage, cultural and community values, mental health and ecotourism. They are worth so much more than cheap office paper. Will you help Alice call for the protection of this iconic area, just on the doorstep of Melbourne?

Please call, write emails and write letters to the relevant ministers. Together, let's protect what's left our our precious native forests in Victoria.

Jaclyn Symes Ph: 8392 2261

Lily D'Ambrosio MP Ph: 9637 9504

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