May 14, 2021

Going There | Hope in Anti-Climactic Times

Going There | Hope in Anti-Climactic Times

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Climactic Collective publisher Mark was invited on the excellent Going There podcast so popped along - and had a blast! Thanks to Matt and the team we can share episode for you here. But, if you enjoy this please do get along and get more of their deep seam of great shows. 

The hosts turn to speakers in the climate space for guidance, insight & hope. New Zealander, Mark Spencer of the Climactic Podcast, shares witnessing the real effects of climate change throughout the world and getting certified in Al Gore’s climate initiative. The titular host of Talking Climate Change with Yash Negi, from India, talks about his scholastic studies & activism as he tries to educate others on the issue. And Phil Kolis of Air Bloom provides an ethereal soundscape for the topic.

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