April 7, 2020

Engineers Declare NSW Region Connect Event

Engineers Declare NSW Region Connect Event

Organizing member Lizzie Webb joins Mark to bring this Engineers Declare event to Climactic. This podcast is an excerpt from the NSW Region Connect session, where Lizzie and Chris provide an overview of the Engineers Declare movement and Engineers Act strategy development.

The Australian engineering profession has the opportunity to lead a rapid and just transition towards healthy, thriving communities and ecosystems.
Over 160 organisation signatories and 2,300 individuals have signed Engineers Declare, joining a growing number of governments, professional bodies and businesses around the world in declaring a Climate Emergency.
As we move into the next phase of our movement, Engineers Act, we encourage signatories and supporters to continue to champion the mainstreaming of a progressive sustainability paradigm in the Australian engineering profession and join a state-based region group to take carriage of local movement building and sector transformation initiatives ongoing.

Participation in an ED Region group provides a great opportunity to;
- get involved with leading the movement,
- connect with others, and,
- share ideas on how we can act together to facilitate systems change, normalise innovative solutions and fundamentally shift the practice of engineering and engineering leadership in Australia.

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