May 3, 2019

Dispatches from My Extremely Long Walk and Mattlawie Ecological Centre

Dispatches from My Extremely Long Walk and Mattlawie Ecological Centre

This episode is largely brought to you by Facebook voice messages, and it's a great way to get your story on the show as well! Just send us your voice messages from live events, use them to interview someone, or just send us your thoughts.

Shannon Loughnane of My Extremely Long Walk For Climate Action shares his thoughts as he walks towards Canberra from Melbourne to deliver the message to the Australian Parliament that their inaction and obstruction on climate change has been noticed, and is well past due for changing. You can hear his episode all about his long walk here.

Matthew Onyeanula is a permaculture farmer, community educator, and a very inspiring figure. He founded and runs Mattlawie Ecological Restoration Centre. His story is incredible, and so is the Mattlawie project.

Here's more from Matthew about Mattlawie:
Mattlawie Ecological Regenerative Center is an ecological based organization and a registered nonprofit organization in Ghana, West Africa.

Our Vision:
Our vision is for humans, animals, plants etc to peacefully and happily coexist in our Ecological Center/ Community; therefore creating an amazing example of regenerative - sustainable agriculture and sustainable living in this region.
Through these ways, taking action against climate change as well as restoring, improving and protecting tropical ecosystems.

Our Mission:
*To Teach
*Promote peace and culture.

We are very careful to do all we do ecologically without the use of toxic chemicals, holding firmly to permaculture/regenerative principles, ethics and design systems.

What We Do/ Intend To Do:
Ecological Farming
Organic Food Production, Organic Cosmetics, Repellents, Fertilizer,
Ecological/ Permaculture / I.C.T Trainings
Eco-Culture Development / Exchange programs, Ecotourism, Eco-lodge / Eco-village
Youth and women empowerment
Aged Care - Elderly Care
Community Development, Landscaping
Beekeeping (Apiculture), Essential Oil distillation, Mushroom Production
Moringa Projects
Peace Advocacies,
Nurseries/ Tree Planting / Agro Forestry Systems,
Sustainable Animal Management,
Renewable Energy – Solar systems, Water Catchments Systems, Biogas, Low Cost Irrigation Systems, Etc.

Ecosystems devastation
Land Degradation / Soil infertility
Community development
Climate change
Alarming poverty rate
Environmental hazard
Lack of access and means to other knowledge like recycling, Self-sufficiency, etc.
Food Security
Capacity Building/Empowerment
Outrageous Unemployment rate

Eco Buildings for base camps, lodge and trainings
Water Connections on Site
Eco Toilet-Washroom

Special Guests: Matthew Onyeanula and Shannon Loughnane.

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