Nov. 20, 2020

Degree of Difference | Pilot - Who's a Climate Denier?

Degree of Difference | Pilot - Who's a Climate Denier?

This is the pilot episode of a new series on the Climactic Collective podcast network, that will be recorded live on streaming TV platform We're calling it 'Degree of Difference' and it's like Jerry Springer. For the climate community. If Jerry Springer had been about mutual respect and constructive engagement over differences of opinion. So, less Jerry and more civil discourse. 

In this episode Daniel Bleakley and Asher Coleman discuss their perspectives and the difference between them about:

  • If it's fair or constructive to call Victorian Environment Minister Lily D'Ambrosio a climate denier. 
  • If Twitter activism is productive. 
  • If Tesla is going to save, or at least substantially change, the world. 
  • The benefit and utility of climate reduction and net zero targets by a certain date. 

It's fascinating, fractious, and dare we say even fun. 

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