May 2, 2018

Councillor Tim Baxter — "Combating Climate Change through Local Government"

Councillor Tim Baxter — "Combating Climate Change through Local Government"

Episode 3 sees Mark Spencer go one-on-one with Councillor Tim Baxter of Melbourne’s Port Phillip Council. Tim’s passion for the environment and determination to drive through essential policies designed to mitigate against climate change is obvious in this free-wheeling and fascinating chat. He discusses what Council’s role is in implementing green policies and how important feedback from the community is for councillors.

There’s a great deal here too for local democracy enthusiasts as Tim launches into some fascinating topics in the latest developments in direct democracy. He outlines the baby steps many councils are taking to give more power back to the people as well as how online technology is shaping local government accountability.

As Tim says in the interview, he’s not the only one with progressive views on the Council and he discusses the fact that local government is often at the forefront of the battle against climate change. Indeed, if you’re a resident of the council’s boundaries and would like to have your say on the latest draft proposal, check out the link below.

Otherwise, sit back back and enjoy the show. As Mark says: “... it’s fair to say we’re a pair of geeky democracy, technology and environment fans, and we had a lot of fun chatting.”

Caleb Fidecaro — Producer
Rich Bowden — Co-Founder
Mark Spencer — Co-Founder
Abigail Hawkins — Designer
Greg Grassi — Composer

Special Guest: Tim Baxter.

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