Jan. 3, 2020

#climatepodcase | Wardrobe Crisis — Courage! Activist Anna Rose on How to Conquer Climate Anxiety

#climatepodcase | Wardrobe Crisis — Courage! Activist Anna Rose on How to Conquer Climate Anxiety

This episode is a part of the first annual Climate Podcast Showcase, for more information on this visit www.climactic.fm/climatepodcase, and for more information on this show please visit Wardrobe Crisis.

How are you doing with all this climate news? Is it getting you down? This Episode to the rescue! It's all about climate hope and how we can feel more courageous and positive about our activism.

Meet climate activist, Anna Rose. She started forming environmental groups when she was a school kid. By the time she was at university, she, and her friend Amanda McKenzie, cofounded the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, which today has more than 150,000 members. She's been involved in leadership for Earth Hour, is on a bunch of important academic advisory boards and today works with an organisation called Farmers for Climate Action. But the reason you need to listen to her is that Anna has a long view on how to stay motivated with our activism . She talks about "hope as a strategic decision" and reminds us that we all have difference capacities that "it's only called impossible until it's done."

“Often I don’t feel brave, but I have to do things that I know are important,” she says. "I see courage as a muscle we can build up over time."

In this upbeat, inspiring conversation, we discuss where to begin, why courage is important, how to foster it and how we can use it to change the world.

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