Jan. 1, 2020

#climatepodcase | Like I'm A Six-Year-Old — 162 - Adam Bandt Returns (LIVE)

#climatepodcase | Like I'm A Six-Year-Old — 162 - Adam Bandt Returns (LIVE)

This episode is a part of the first annual Climate Podcast Showcase, for more information on this visit www.climactic.fm/climatepodcase, and for more information on this show please visit Tom Ballard's Like I'm A Six-Year-Old.

After joining me at the end of the shitshow that was 2016 for the first live edition of the podcast, Greens MP Adam Bandt returned to reflect on how far we have (or haven't) come and what to make of the political year that was 2019.

Recorded in Collingwood at the Easey Street Concert Hall in front of a bloody lovely crowd, this is a funny and important conversation about Scott Morrison, socialism, the climate crisis, the 2019 election, the ALP's pathetic position on coal and the possibilities of a Green New Deal for Australia.

All funds raised went to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (you can support them here toooooo). I'm very thankful to Adam for agreeing to do this again and to everyone who came out to the show. MERRY CHRISTMAS xoxoxo

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