April 9, 2021

"Cape Grim with Jessie Boylan" | Saltgrass Podcast

"Cape Grim with Jessie Boylan" | Saltgrass Podcast

This is an episode of Art Breaker, find the show and all episodes here.

But this is also a guest episode, adapted from Saltgrass, a podcast and radio show on
Main FM, and the work of Alison Hanley.

Jessie Boylan is a PhD candidate at RMIT’s School of Art.  She has work in the upcoming Castlemaine State Festival called The Smallest Measure. Her thesis and upcoming art installation has taken her out to the wilds of a remote outpost at the edge of Tasmania… to a place called Cape Grim where there is a science lab that tests the air coming in off the ocean there. Without land or human habitation for hundreds of kilometres, the air blowing in off the ocean to cape grim is considered the best air in the world to get base measurements of our atmosphere, including carbon and other green house gasses.  This data is vital in our understanding of global warming. 

How does an artist depict the science of climate change? Listen to this episode to find out.

Thanks to Tom Day for music used in this and other Climactic Collective episodes.

Special thanks to Matt Wicking for the use of the music of the General Assembly. 

Listen to Cape Grim here, from the album Vanishing Point. 

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