Nov. 7, 2020

BONUS | Sky Was Blue - Bonesy | Climate Act

BONUS | Sky Was Blue - Bonesy | Climate Act

It’s Saturday, the 7th of November.

November 9th, next Monday, a bill will be tabled in the Australian federal parliament.

It’s called the Climate Change (National Framework for Adaptation and Mitigation) Bill 2020. Also known as the Climate Act. It is a net zero carbon emissions pledge, and plan, for Australia to achieve by 2050. It is the same pledge, and broad plan, already adopted by the UK.

"Climate change is real for Australia, with immediate and deepening risks to our natural environment, economy and way of life. Last summer’s unprecedented bushfires are a mark of the worst of those risks, and how they will affect some communities more than others. But there are also opportunities to prosper, given our enormous natural, human and financial wealth."

You, reading this, already know. But we all have people in our lives who have heard the facts, but don’t feel the urgency. So rather than reciting the facts, I’m honoured to now play you a song. It’s called Sky Was Blue (The Bushfire Song) and is performed by Bonesy.

If you get the chance, in the next 48 hours ahead of November 9th, play this song for a friend or family member. I’m sure it’ll cast their minds back to this summer, and let all the other distractions fade. And after this song, take them to, and sign to support what really is a bare minimum commitment, to honour the losses our communities suffered over that summer.

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