March 22, 2021

BONUS | Peter Vadiveloo — Fight for the Trees

BONUS | Peter Vadiveloo — Fight for the Trees

Happy belated International Day of Forests, which is March 21st, since 2012. Mark here, publisher of the Climactic Collective, podcast network for the Australian and New Zealand climate community.

This episode is late because yesterday I travelled home to Aotearoa New Zealand, and am now quarantining in Christchurch.

I can't wait to get involved in New Zealand's climate community, and help expand Climactic to a collective of Australian, as well as New Zealand, climate-engaged podcasters.

But today is a story from the Melbourne community, that was sent in by friend and listener Peter Vadiveloo.

Peter is a musician who cleverly weaves funk, blues, folk and roots music around a rich seam of critical social justice issues such as First Nations people’s conditions, treatment of refugees, racism, wealth inequity in Western democracies and climate change. In short, Peter is an artist who will make you think.

He's written a song particularly appropriate to the day, and shared it with us to play for you.

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