July 23, 2020

Bonus | ClimateWorks for Business | Business Essentials Daily from SoundCartel

Bonus | ClimateWorks for Business | Business Essentials Daily from SoundCartel

Thanks for joining us for this bonus episode.

My name’s Mark, and when I’m not publishing Climactic, and helping out in the Climactic Collective, I work in the podcasting industry. That's how I know the great team at Soundcartel.

They've allowed us to share this episode of their new program Business Essentials Daily, this short, sweet, and in plain business English interview with Anna Skarbek of the thinktank Climate Works, on how businesses taking action on climate change isn’t just the right thing, it’s the financially sound thing.

For some business owners the environment might be the last thing you’re considering as you navigate operations through the pandemic. With visible improvement in water and air across the globe during COVID-19 it’s an image we can have in the future if we begin to rebuild with climate in mind. The best part is that the solutions are accessible, available and won’t break the bank.

Anna Skarbek is CEO of ClimateWorks Australia, a non-profit think-tank and advisory body helping bridge the gap between climate research and action, so not just talking about the numbers and data but working through policy to get the job done. And what’s the goal? Net zero emissions by 2050.


Find out more information about energy saving technologies for your business, by following the links below:

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