Sept. 21, 2019

Beth Spencer — In Depth with James Bradley | Author of Clade

Beth Spencer — In Depth with James Bradley | Author of Clade

Author and new collective member Beth Spencer hosts award-winning Australian author James Bradley on Climactic.

They discuss his cli-fi novel Clade, YA series The Change, his article in the Monthly earlier this year about the influence of the coal lobby on Australian politics and the background to the battle over the Adani mine, and his devastating and important essay in the latest issue of Meanjin Quarterly about living in the Anthropocene. Above all this is a discussion about how to face clearly the reality of the climate crisis while retaining hope and the ability to keep choosing and acting.

Coming soon you'll be able to hear an adaptation of this full-length interview for the first new show on the Climactic Network, Art Breaker.

For those of you in Melbourne, you don't want to miss James in conversation with fellow author Sophie Cunningham at the launch of the Spring issue of Meanjin magazine. The event is free, on the 25th of September at the University of Melbourne: link here.

Special Guest: James Bradley.

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