Aug. 11, 2019

Art Breaker pilot | §OJUX — Monster Not Happy

Art Breaker pilot | §OJUX — Monster Not Happy

Greg Grassi is half of the electronic music duo §OJUX, and one of the hosts of the newest show on the Climactic Network, Art Breaker.

In this episode he breaks down the process of how one of the tracks on their new EP was made, and his thoughts on musical creation, and collaboration. Greg is making music in Sydney, where lockout laws have created hurdles for the musical community. He shares his views on how they can be overcome, on musicianship, and on making music in the face of the climate crisis.

Art Breaker is the first new show on the Climactic Network, and we'd greatly appreciate your comments and questions, feedback of any sort. You can email us at, or reach us on @climacticshow on all the social networks.

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