April 23, 2021

3rd Birthday Extravaganza!!

3rd Birthday Extravaganza!!

Climactic was launched April 22nd, 2018. 

Now, three years on, we've released over 300 episodes. Kept our weekly schedule through it all. And, grown to be the flagship show of a Collective of 20+ climate-engaged podcasts. 

We're proud, and here we're highlighting why, with some of our finest moments! The recent, the topical, the unrehearsed. 

Enjoy, and if you enjoy the show please drop us a line to hello@climactic.fm to share some of your favourite moments, or what the show means to you. 

Thanks, keep up the great work, and take care of each other - in these Climactic times. 

Support the show: https://www.climactic.fm/p/support-the-collective/