Oct. 30, 2020

Climactic Live | 2020 Nancy Hillier Memorial Lecture

Climactic Live | 2020 Nancy Hillier Memorial Lecture

"The Long View on Environmental and Social Justice for Botany Bay: Interdisciplinary partnerships between UNSW and the community"

This year's Hillier lecture will provide an opportunity to reflect on the past, present, and future of work on environmental and social justice issues in and around Botany Bay from the perspectives of researchers with the University of New South Wales.

While UNSW and Council are partners in presenting the annual Hillier lecture, the interrelations between the communities of Botany Bay and the University are much deeper.This year's lecture will take the form of a round-table reflecting upon the broader lessons we can learn from the work done at UNSW addressing environmental, social, policy, water, planning, legal and urban issues around Botany Bay, and what these lessons might mean for new and existing interdisciplinary partnerships with Botany Bay's communities.

Panel members: 

Ian Tyrrell - Emeritus Professor, Environmental Historian. Author of "River Dreams: The people and landscape of the Cooks River" (2018)

Sharyn Cullis - Georges River Environmental Alliance and Recent UNSW PhD Graduate.

Emma Golledge - Director, Kingsford Legal Centre, UNSW Law

James Weirick - Professor and Director of the Urban Development & Design Program, UNSW

Anne Maree Kreller, Postgrad, Expert on planning for sea level rise in the Botany Bay Area, author: "Fair for whom? How residents and municipalities evaluate sea level rise policies in Botany Bay, Australia" (2018)

Suhelen Egan - Associate Professor, UNSW School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) & The Centre of Marine Science and Innovation (CMSI)

About Nancy Hillier:

Nancy Hillier was a tireless campaigner on behalf of people and places in the Botany Bay area of Sydney. This annual lecture acknowledges Nancy's legacy by providing a forum to discuss major social and environmental issues from the perspective of campaigners and activists.

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