Oct. 5, 2020

Climactic Candid | Sara Bell — On Power and Media

Climactic Candid | Sara Bell — On Power and Media

This is an episode of Climactic Candid, honest talks with climate engaged people from across society. I'm Mark Spencer, publisher of the Climactic Collective Podcast Network. My guest for this episode is entrepreneur Sara Bell.

Sara Bell founded AMPLIFY in the belief that conscious consumers have the power to generate the pressure points needed to drive rapid change before 2030. The companies whose business models cause climate change have too much vested in the status quo to change willingly. Yet with no customers, these companies would face falling revenues and business failure so the option will be to change or fail.

Sara spent four years legally challenging a £5.6 billion fossil fuel subsidy in the European Court as CEO of an energy tech company in London. She won, marking a massive career high. Sadly, the win was temporary as the UK government and EU Commission unlawfully reintroduced the scheme.

The fight continues, but the process has convinced Sara that with the clock ticking rapidly, we can no longer rely on incremental change. The stories we tell about the future and how to get there have to change for this to happen. 

Mark and Sara talk about the Tempus lawsuit, the fight she won with the UK Gov't and European Council, demand response in the power industry, conscious consumerism and the power of personal purchasing. 



Sara in RenewEconomy


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