July 18, 2021

Forests for Life & World Class Timber Industry: The best chance to end native logging is now, with Jess Beckerling

Jess Beckerling is Convenor and Campaign Director of the WA Forest Alliance, and much more besides. The Alliance, or WAFA, is the peak body for forest conservation in WA, and right now, it sees the best opportunity we've ever had to end native logging, in this very term of government. A process has begun, and we’re all invited in to ensure it happens. With the Forests for Life Plan in hand, WAFA and Clean State WA show how we can stop bleeding finances, forests, and communities, and back in the…

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March 29, 2021

AgZero2030: An agriculture-led movement progressing positive action on climate, with Simon Wallwork & Cindy Stevens

Simon Wallwork and Cindy Stevens live with their three kids on a farm in Corrigin, in WA’s wheatbelt. In 2019 they joined a group of other producers to found AgZero2030, an agriculture-led movement progressing positive action on climate. Their goal? That agriculture achieves net zero emissions by 2030, and the drawdown of emissions after that. In other words, that agriculture go from being a key contributor to global warming and its increasingly catastrophic effects, to being a key contributor …

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Dec. 7, 2020

The Insulation Revolution: The ‘simple’ social enterprise model inspiring a state, with Stephen King

Stephen King is the founder, CEO and Head Installer of the Australian Insulation Foundation of WA. While working in his insulation business, Stephen found social housing tenants were desperately in need of insulation, but had no means of getting it. So he set up a charity, added a little premium to his main service, and provided housing insulation for social housing tenants free of charge. One such resident is Maria Novac – a single mum with a family who unexpectedly found herself in need of so…

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Nov. 10, 2020

Our Huge Untapped Resource: Expanding Aboriginal tourism in a post-COVID world, with Dale Tilbrook

Dale Tilbrook is a much-loved native food specialist, educator, and passionate Aboriginal tourism advocate. Like a lot of Australia this week, Dale’s immersed in NAIDOC Week, celebrating the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. She also continues to work towards a big vision for First Nations people, and WA as a whole. This vision is reflected in the joint proposal made by Clean State WA and the influential WAITOC – the Western Australian Indigenou…

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Oct. 27, 2020

World’s Best Place for Active Transport: Ride to Recovery, with Streets for People co-founder Shannon Leigh

Shannon Leigh is co-founder and Director of Streets for People, and previously an award-winning urban and transport planner at the Department of Transport and later Curtin University. Investment in active transport is one of the most jobs-rich, climate-friendly stimulus measures available. And given cost blow-outs in public health, climate related damage, and car dominated infrastructure, it’s another vital transition more of us are after – especially in the wake of the tripling of cycling in P…

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Oct. 13, 2020

Bright Sparks in Our Energy Transition: Schools, solar & social enterprise, with ClimateClever co-founder Dr Vanessa Rauland

You might recognise Dr Vanessa Rauland from the recent ABC TV series Fight for Planet A. Vanessa’s the co-founder with Alexander Karan of ClimateClever, one of a growing number of WA social enterprises that are starting to realise some of the enormous opportunities in our energy transition. The ClimateClever team has nearly doubled in recent months (even during COVID-19), working with an increasing number of schools, their communities and now businesses, to help them reduce emissions, save mone…

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Sept. 22, 2020

Blue Carbon, Conservation Economies & the Great Seagrass Restoration, with Professor Gary Kendrick

Professor Gary Kendrick’s great love is the WA coastline and its seagrasses. Gary and colleagues have been at the forefront of seagrass restoration and the blue carbon movement more broadly. And with such a massive extent of coastline featuring globally significant carbon stores, world heritage sites, and deep community and cultural knowledge, the potential for WA is enormous. Gary takes us to one of his favourite parts of WA, to share a little of this spectacular story. The Clean State WA podc…

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Sept. 9, 2020

Launching the Clean State Jobs Plan: A conversation with lead author Chantal Caruso

What if we had a plan, at this time of great disruption, to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in energy, agriculture, building, transport, tourism, and the care economy? A plan that would house and employ everyone, for us all to play a role in building back better from the coronavirus, averting climate catastrophe, and transitioning to a regenerative, fair and prosperous Western Australia? The newly launched Clean State Jobs Plan has brought together industry and other partners from across t…

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