Feb. 3, 2020

Sophie Masson

Sophie Masson

Sophie Masson is an author living near Armidale in Northern NSW. Sophie has always thought she was safe out there and water was a given. In 2019 both drought and fires hit for the first time. She did not lose her home but she now knows what fear of fire and climate change feels like. This is Sophie's story.

@CatastrophicPod)info@listenuppodcasting.com.auIf you or anyone you know has a story they would like to share from or about the Aussie bushfires please instant message us via the Catastrophic Podcast Facebook page (or email us at and we will get in touch to record your story.

Catastrophic is a dual podcast and political protest.

Catastrophic tells the tales of the Australian bushfires and calls for all-partisan political action around Climate Change. Each episode of Catastrophic features an Australian talking about their experience of living through the bushfire crisis, what their fears are now and for the future and what they would like to see done about it on a government level.

But it doesn’t end when the episode goes out. We at Listen Up Podcasting are taking every story we gather, every episode we release of the Catastrophic podcast and putting them together into one big audio file and sending it to ALL the politicians. The LNP, the ALP, The Greens, One Nation and all of the Independents - both state and federal goverment. We will also be alerting the media organisations every time the file goes out to keep the pollies honest.

These are our demands: They are the same demands people have been protesting about and calling for over the last few years:

  1. No new coal, oil and gas projects, including the Adani mine and the Wallarah 2 coal project.
  2. 100% renewable energy generation & exports by 2030
  3. Fund a just transition & job creation for all fossil-fuel workers & communities.
  4. Hand over land conservation management to First Nations Australians
  5. Start preserving our water and treating it as a precious resource not a commodity.



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